Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Healthy Holiday

We all want to enjoy the holidays and all the yummy food too. So here are a few tips on how to do that!

1.) Eat lots of veggies with your meals. This fills you up and gives you lots of nutrients. No one gets fat eat veggies!!
2.) Put the dessert on a plate and eat only 1 serving
3.) Remember how it feels to be healthy and say no!!
4.) Drinks LOTS of WATER!! This keeps your system flushed and hydrated. We too often forget to drink water during the cold weather and when we get busy.
5.) Make time to workout: A walk, Jog,Hike, Bike Ride, Lunges as you walk up the stairs, squats on the wall as you fold laundry or brush your teeth, push ups/planks during a commercial break!!
6.) SLEEP!!! it's a busy time of year where we can go-go and go! So get some sleep. It helps us stay mentally and physically healthy
7.) Load up on your proteins... they keep you full longer and continue to give you fuel.
8.) Do your best to live a 90/10... living healthy 90% and 10% is just when life happens : parties, on the go meals ect.....

Let's all choose to be healthy this Holiday Season ~

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